ol sorry no big update. Came back and finally added comments to my code. Also, what do you think of the chalk board and new font?

Also sorry the audio doesn't work anymore. I plan on fixing it.. I'll upgrade my membership so I can host the mp3s on site once I find a job

Life's been fucking busy. I've had to move like 3 times in the last couple months and I've been homeless till now. I'm starting over in a whole new town... Kinda scary tbh but here's hoping it goes well


this is a test for new entries. idk why I didn't test it before, prob cuz dumbbrain.

Where's my fellow dumb bitch december members??



This is a scrollbox where I'll be posting my blog entries.

This site's pretty much just a lil sandbox for mah lil experiments X3. Got started mostly because of some cool videos I saw on web revival and thought it looked fun <3

I'm still working on it, so a lot of links aren't active yet, sorry